SW Women SF Group photo

117 people descended upon Hattery this past weekend. In just 54 hours, we heard 41 pitches and after peer validation and merging of similar concepts, 14 teams formed to be mentored on Saturday vetted by Sunday. Teams addressed topics from insurance advice to connecting families through storytelling. Even a maker-kit robot to mix your drink was among the top contestants.

The winning idea started with the problem, “Who’s going to buy the toilet paper?” on Friday night. And Cohabit, a platform for shared living management, was born. The team (Allison Cooper, Haydee Moreno and Mary Tao) was made up of the many first-time Startup Weekenders that dove into the frenzy of business model creation, coding, designing and market validation.

Jenn Yoo was impressed with her team’s ability to use everyone’s diverse skill set effectively. “The weekend gave me hope that it’s possible– acknowledging each other’s strengths and letting them run with it is key to bringing out the team’s potential.” It’s no surprise Prediction Log won second with an “I told you so” app that tracks your predictions.

Kimberly Bryant, founder of Black Girls Code and one of the 5 distinguished judges, presented honorable mentions to Mentor Chat, a social network connecting middle school girls to career mentors, and B Street, a platform making social investing easy.

And what about the men in the room? “The only thing that really ever felt different about attending an event where the majority of attendees were women, was that there was never a line for the Men’s Restroom; Other than that, I just felt like I was at an event with an extremely impressive collection of intelligent, creative, talented entrepreneurs.” Jeff Goldblatt, was one of a handful of men involved in the event and the lead of Prediction Log.

We’re not in this alone. It was inspiring to see all the mentors, judges and sponsors donate their time and resources to support the participants and we look forward to following their progress! The winning teams were awarded with a range of prizes from AmazonChic CEOFailconGolden SeedsHatteryWomen Startup Lab.

Check out #SWwomenSF for the play by play of the weekend.